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My Approach


From person to person

For me, psychotherapy means discovering oneself. It can provide space for development, growth, and change, opening up new paths.

My work is based on a humanistic viewpoint.

I believe people have the ability to grow constructively and make their own choices. Respecting the self-determination and uniqueness of each person is of particular importance to me. In the psychotherapeutic relationship, I try not to reduce people to symptoms and deficits, but to understand them in their entire current situation, personal experience, and the meanings associated with it. I also strive to focus on larger contexts, such as social and cultural conditions.

Trees in a park with path

The person-centered approach traces back to the American psychologist Carl R. Rogers (1902 - 1987) and his colleagues. The high effectiveness of person-centered psychotherapy has been proven by numerous scientific studies.

I place particular emphasis on gender issues and various forms of structural violence in my work.

I also offer psychotherapy in English, online (via Zoom), or by telephone.

Home visits are possible in individual cases.

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